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Kind Hearted Cleaners offer you Kinder Products, Kinder Service and the Kind of Cleaning that will make your home sparkle. Now that's Kindness Clean!

About Megan

I was born in Whitehorse, Yukon and I moved to Victoria, BC in 2017. I started working in the childcare field back home in Whitehorse, first as an after school job in the 12th grade. After I graduated I moved into a full time position, while taking night classes for early childhood education, as well as waitressing part time as well. I moved to Victoria, BC in 2017 for a change of pace, and so far I haven’t left yet.
I secured a job working for a family looking after their two children before moving to Victoria, and I was living with a friend from high-school. I eventually got the opportunity to travel to Europe with the family I worked with for two weeks. The first week I was alone in London, England while the family travelled on their own elsewhere. This was my very first time travelling outside of Canada or the U.S, let alone all on my own. One of my first nights there I got lost while out late at night looking for a fast food restaurant. My phone was about to die and I took the wrong way coming out of the restaurant. I ended up finding the nearest underground station and finally made it back to my hotel around 1am after I had left around 10pm. The second week I met up with the family in Spain. We spent the week in a small villa about two hours from Barcelona. My contract ended when we got back from the trip and I started a new job the next day if I remember correctly.
I worked in the childcare field in Victoria for the next 2.5years. In June of 2021 I decided to take a break from the field, although it ended up being somewhat short as I met and started working for another family in August of 2021. Due to my schedule with this family I have some spare time and with my history keeping other peoples homes and their kids lives organized, I look forward to see what I can do to build and grow Kindhearted Cleaners!
-Megan Cumming

About Avi

Hello friends, thank you so much for visiting us at Kind Hearted Cleaners and for reading. I’ll try and keep it short and honest here.. wish me luck! Born and raised British, not only do I love a great cup of tea, but I like the details, the saucer for the cup and the cosy for the tea pot. I think I even prefer the tea from a tea pot rather perhaps than right from brewing it in the cup. Self described with a little OCD when it comes to details (as many of our staff may tell you! He half jokes) I have a long background in running a lot of service based companies, whether that is service as in customer service or service as in food service. With an exceptional track record for quality service and quality products I joined forces with Megan because she held the same kind of standards as I did. The motto is “Do it once, do it right”, or at Kind Hearted Cleaners ``If it isn't Kindness Clean, then it isn't clean at all``.

Today we own and operate Planet Biking, Soupa Cafe and AVILU Brand. We are exceptionally excited to bring to you more great service to join the other brands’ ethos, enter Kind Hearted Cleaners! Thank you so much.
- Avi Lugassy


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