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    01. Spot wash any noticeable spots on kitchen cabinets

    02. Wiped Kitchen Counters and Moved Countertop Appliances to Clean Under

    03. Wiped Out Microwave

    04. Wiped Down Exterior Appliances (Stainless Steel Cleaner if Applicable)

    05. Sanitized Sink

    06. Polished Faucet Fixtures With Dry Cloth

    07. Floors Vacuumed and Mopped (LAST)

    08. Garbage Removed


    09. Vanity/Countertop Dusted and Wiped

    10. Spot Wash Cabinets of Any Noticeable Spots

    11. Toilet Tank (very top) Dusted

    12. Toilet Seat Top and Underneath Sanitized and Wiped

    13. Toilet Base And Outside of Bowl Sanitized

    14. Baseboards and Baseboard Heater Dusted and Wiped (A Must in Bathroom, Close Attention Around Back of Toilet)

    15. Mirror Cleaned and Polished with Dry Clean Cloth

    16. Tub/Shower Cleaned and Wiped Dry (Glass Cleaned and Polished)

    17. Garbage Removed

    18. Vacuum and Mop Floors


    19. All Surfaces Dusted & Wet Wiped If Needed (Bookshelves, Dressers, Bedside Tables, Desks) IF YOU MOVE SOMETHING PUT IT BACK WHERE YOU FOUND IT

    20. Make Bed if Applicable

    21. Garbage Removed

    22. Vacuum and Mop (Mop if Applicable)

    23. Dust & Wet Wipe Coffee Table and Side Tables

    24. Dust Book Shelves

    25. Dust and Remaining Flat Surfaces (PUT THINGS BACK IF YOU MOVE THINGS)

    26. Fold Any Blankets and Arrange Pillows Neatly

    27. Vacuum and Mop Floors (Mop if Applicable)

    28. Halls and Entry Ways Vacuumed and Mopped Throughout House

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